My photography is largely a reflection of how I see the world. It began with a love of nature and evolved into a passion for creating environmental portraits. I soon discovered that with a camera in my hand I was open to a wide variety of new experiences. Now you can find me photographing sports, celebrities, nature, personal and corporate events and taking portraits.

I don’t believe that the end product is all that matters in photography. A rewarding photographic experience should not only produce a satisfying result, but it should be enjoyable. When I photograph nature, I take the time to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors; when photographing people, I recognize the importance of making it an enjoyable process. I revel in my clients’ comments that the shoot itself was fun, since I know that this positive energy will be reflected in the quality of the images.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or comments or if I can help with your photographic needs.

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